As my world turns

This is the 3rd hospitalzation this month for T. They drain him, and within 24 hrs, he swells right back up........WTF???

He went to the referral appt at the center for liver disease/transplant. they found the other place had not been doing what needed to be done, except the paracentisis procedure. I never know from day to day what is happening, what is going to happen. All I can do is wait for a call from either the boys or him. i am 4 hrs away and have no transportation.

Ya know how people say "if you need anything just call and let me know" well, where the hell are they? I havent seen or heard from any of them, and dont really care. I am beginning to just not give a shit.

These are the peoples that were supposed to be his friends.....not mine, his...

Except for a couple of neighbor ladies that I go to the grocery store with, thats it for me. I dont even leave the house unless I have to

Like today, I will have to go get cat food, since Molly had her kittens, she is eating constantly, necessary to produce enough milk for them I guess.


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  1. herthought

    March 01, 2017