crack dem knuckles and get busy

I just cant sit here doing nothing. I get up in the morning, look at the house and just sit down and put my head down. My ambition seems to be waning, my incentive...same. I wat until it is time to go back to bed, thats what I look for. When I am asleep I dont think, or atleast I dont remember. T hit 400, and that is literally overnight, he cant walk, he can barely stand. He went into ER yet again last night and today he is back in the hospital. I talked to him earlier and sounds so weak, so like giving up. He was holding on to being better, but it isnt working that way.

I decided to start a letter writing campaign. I have started reaching out politically, from state reps to the Prez himself. Do I believe any of this will be read. I dont, but I can hope cant I? the say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so why the hell not.

I even wrote a congressman from my original state., told him I had never surrendered my WI DL, so did that still count me as a constituent? and spilled all the info and past year of living in what is supposed to be a retirees paradise.....ya right. Perhaps if it didnt include children.

T hasnt called since this morning, I suppose he will tomorrow, I hope. He mother said she was having a car brought here, an older Merc, I dont care if its a horse and buggy, but I will believe it when I see it. Like I aint holding my breath. I am not really tired yet, its a  little warm yet, just waiting for the house to kool downits 66, kool enough to sleep maybe, I can always turn the fan on.

I think maybe I will go read for  bit.




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  1. elmo194855

    Oh, lovey, I so wish I could be there. That’s all I’d be good for, but I could pass out hugs when you needed. I hope the m-i-l is telling the truth about the car. It’s just not right that you should be without a vehicle, after all you’ve done to try to keep everyone’s shit together. Try not to stay in that black hole for too long. It’s too easy to just wallow forever. Been there! Get up and dance! Make JJ dance with you! GO ON! DO IT! Prayers still coming at ya.

    April 19, 2017