Feeling calm for the first time in monthes

Have you ever noticed that in our posts, no one jumps in and makes any assinine political coments, blaming their failures in their lives on who ever is on the front page, and what the hell happened to this entire generation of young people. I dont remember doing any of the stupidity they pull. I wouldnt have dared. My parents or sibs wouldve been there to snatch me right out of what ever  grandstanding episode was threatening to be front page news. Dont get me wrong, I have a whole ton of opinions, but  momma always said, if ya aint got nothing nice to say, dont say nothing at all.

There are days though! (this aint one of them)

I am still being chief cook , cleaner and bottle washer in the house. I have to watch hubby really close, constantly watching for signs of ammonia spikes. What he has gone through has taken a whole lot of his memory, both short and long term. A caretakers life is real narrow. anything you think you might have planned will inevitably change. The car has to be gassed at all times in the event of an Emergency run. A whole lot of $, has to be put aside to do copays incase they change the meds. A whole lot to me is a bit over a hundred, but hey, pat me on the back for penny pinching if nothing else. We did go to see the Liver specialist, which was all the way in Phoenix, that m friends is atleast a 4.5 hour drive, and that is if the traffic is with you, there are no accidents...etc. So you can usually count on 5 hrs or better just to get to the town, and atleast another hours navigating the dammed city to try and find where the hell where ever you are supposed to be is.

We told her he had come from the hospital in tuscon, that they werent wanting to release him once they found out he was coming to see her. That he had an episode where he went down again, but this time we were able to recognize it and get him over before he went completely down.(atleast until he got there)she  looked over his meds and hosp discharges and promptly trippled the med he takes to get rid of the ammonia. That is what is destroying his brain, and added another that stops the ammonia from crossing the brain barrier...(let me tell ya, that shit is expensive...2300 for 60 pills).

He had a small episode last night, and he recognized it right away when he saw his hands trembling.

I think some of it was the fact he had been outside and he isnt supposed to be, the sun has a bad effect on some of the meds and will make him sick, and it did. barfing all over the place for a while. After we got him cleaned up and what ever was in his stomach out, gave him some pepto and another dose of the lactolose, he calmed down and went to sleep. He does a lot of that...sleeping that is.

The other day he wanted to go to the fire dept to thank them, so I took him. He personally thanked and shook hands with everyone of them. He told them he was glad they were the ones that saved his life. they didnt recognize his right away, he was 400 lbs when they were transporting him, he is about 250 now....big change

My mission , well it has been since Feb. is to get the truck back, I think I am almost there.....time will tell...

I am tired, so I am going to put this old lady to bed where she belongs, its almost midnight


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Comments (2)

  1. elmo194855

    Breathe, lady … just breathe while you have the chance~

    June 13, 2017
  2. 4lorac

    hey elmo, I googled ’what is HE" its the hepatic encepholopathy..tells what the triggers are and a whole lot more. kind of puts it in plain english. a lot of it is directed at the alcohol cirrhosis. He is non alcohol, but the resullts are the same. looks like my future is written in stone and I will have to play this one out to the end..and he will be on those meds for the rest of his life…
    I might be gettting the truck back, I raised a whole lot of hell and finally got ahold of McCains office and they are taking over. I tell ya, if there was ever a department in the govt that is dirty and I have absolutely NO time for its the Custom and Border patrol…so we will see. ( could be making a big ol target of myself too I suppose)

    June 13, 2017