After much of the past month, they released him today after they got most of the fluid out of him., should pull in sometime after midnight. I hate to say it, but it has been quieter with him coralled. 

Atleast I have been sleeping more than 3-4 hours a night, I so needed that. His "family" got ahold of me on FB, through his site of all places and called me everything but white. And you wonder hwhy I dont have anything to do with them. His own mother  has herself described ass "friend of" instead of mother. Now that kind of says it all doesnt it? Even if my own are being shits, I admit to being their mother, also would never throw them to the wolves, but we arent going there. I dont get that they think its ak to be so judgemental without knowing the whole story, or have possibly made their own version, I think its the latter though.

I tried laying down on the couch and my arms fell asleep. Guess I aint built for that.

so I think I will shut down and go to bed for now



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