hangingon for dear life

LBL, was taken back to Phoenix where he said he would readmit..He is so confused, and I am not going to go  through this past week again, not for anything or anybody. I know he is sick, terribly sick, but I can only do so much, the family can only do so much. When we dont have anything to back us up, to over-ride his decisions like checking himself out of the hospital because they dont want to violate his rights.....what the fuck about mine, what about the hipocratic oath to not do any one harm. His levels are tanking, his confusion is high and they consider him able to ccognitive cause he can tell them his name....oh for fucks sake. Son took him right to the hospital, walked him in the door, sat him down. They know he was coming, and he wanders off. Calls me telling me son had let him off 10 blocks away, well, no he didnt.  I called there talked to Security , gave him his phone number and told them to tell him I sent them looking for him. They found him, took him back to the ER and they are admitting him as we speak.

You know the old saying, you can lead a horse to water......well you can take him to the hospital, but getting him in, he finds everything in the world to avoid going in, he knows, really knows that he will die without treatment.

I cant sleep, I have the shakes, heartburn, no desire to eat, Im scared...more than I have ever been in my life.  He is like a big ol helpless child, knows he needs something but fighting it all the way..

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