keeping on

So much has happened, some the same, some different.

T was in the Hospital for about a week and a bit, they got him up and out of the coma state, they got his weight down (all fluid reention, well over 100 lbs of fluid buildup. BECAUSE they use IV meds in the hosp setting. he was looking good, feeling better, they discharged him on the 2nd, gave me a bunch of scripts, I got said scripts and administered them as prescribed. And he ballooned right back up because his body isnt metabolizing the pill meds. he takes them in one end and they come right out the other. He is also taking lactolose to keep his body clear of toxins the liver cant remove. the pills dont even get a chance to work , dont go where they need to go. in the space of less than 3 days he put back on close to 100 lbs of fluid weight and back in he went. Before the ammonia levels went out of their mind and he lost his. His PCP now decides she wants him to see all these specialists and sends out referrals. I say, as long as he is there why cant they see him? Driving 5 hrs a day is not something I want to do really. those rides literally cripple me. Not knowing how they are going to organize them, that they are going to "schedule" to what fits them........just makes me want to lay down and cry out of sheer exhaustion.

I am doing my best, really I am

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  1. elmo194855

    Who was the lady you spoke to on the phone a few weeks ago, the one who was helping you when you were overwhelmed at the time? Can she do anything about convincing the doctors to coordinate these appointments to minimize the stress on you and T? There’s got to be someone somewhere who can help. Is it time to get into squeaky wheel mode again?? Get some rest, darlin’. PLEASE?? Sending prayers and good thoughts …

    May 09, 2017