little boy lost

After this past week, I have been gathering and putting more puzzle pieces regarding other half. Dam, I wish I couldve been there for him when he was much younger. I have to wonder if he wouldve been different had circumstances been different. I had my own opinions of his upbringing, and was close, but not quite close enough to have it all there.

I actually talked with his mother this past week a few times, because I had to, had to do the right thing. He is an only son and know I  would move heaven and earth if  it were my boy and in dire straights. If any of ya'll have ever dealt with organ failure issue, out of control behaviors due to chemistry being out of wack, and I mean way out of wack. Hehad been in the hospital and was discharged ont he 3rd, he went to the referral for the heptology and liver transplant people, spent a week there, leaving me alone down here without a clue. I got the discharge paperwork, which is written in doctorology and beyond what I understand, I dont know the medicines, the reasons, I had to look up the names of the complications and the further I went, the more alone I felt, not to mention out of my league/comfort zone. I called and called his primary asking for a call back, well thats never happened now has it,

Last tuesday, the 7th, exactly 4 days after his discharge, he went so far south, so fast, he didnt even know who I was. he kept taking his clothes off, I was chasing him all over the house putting them back on him, I had no clue what was going on, then he started falling,grabbing his head,, moaning and wailing, wouldnt stay in any one spot for more than 5 minutes...then he got combative, and yes, I got it in the nose. He has never laid a hand on me in the twenty years I have been with him, but I knew it wasnt him, didnt know what it was, but my other half had turned into something I didnt recognize. I finally called 911 after the nose and begged them to check him out, told them he is a hep c/liver patient and they were here within minutes. His mother came into the picture when I reached out and called her. I thought maybe hearing her voice would bring some of him back, he didnt know her either. I explained this to her...I dont know if she understood or not, but she didnt attack me this time and call me names.

She ended up telling me over the next few day, between updates that he was born so early because of abuse, both emotional and physical, that his bio father was a very not nice person, and how she had to leave hi to protect the baby cause he didnt like him and was mean to him. She didnt explain in what way, but 50 yrs ago, to leave your marriage, most women would stay out of obligation....there must have been something there cause he does have a full sister that is a year younger.

His mother met and married another. this one adopted and gave him his name, i personally think it was a package deal, if ya want the chicken, ya gotta take all the eggs too. And they had another kid, a girl, making it 2 girls and a boy.  A yours and mine thing. Well as he was growing up, he was a difficult kid, he had issues due to being a preemie, he was hyper, hard to handle. New Daddy was aex military, nowa cop. I dont think he like anything disordered, out of place or odd, and other half remembers being virtually raised by his grandparents..yes, they got rid of him within the family. while he was at grandparents the parent and 2 girls would vacation in the mountains,and all over, to which he has no memory of being included. His memories are of having the run of the desert, of going rock hunting with his grampa, frog gigging. then he hit his the age of 17, his parents(actually step father the cop) caught him smoking pot, and they threw him out and closed the door. They sent him to live with a church deacon that turns out liked little boys, and he left, 17, confused, completely without  any life be continued

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  1. elmo194855

    Ooh, good Lord, the things we do to our children.

    March 15, 2017