loooooooong day

So....I get a call from one of the Hosp that he has been in, and they need a Coordination of Benifits, they are billing SS cause he is on Medicare, Medicare has in their system that he has some other ins that he has never had. So I call them, they say I cant do anything without his input, so I call him to auth me to talk to them...that was fun, he has no idea what I am talking about, but he managed to get the auth through, hung up and there went the 3 way call, I had to call SS back, and am  sitting here waiting for yet another CB...this has been going on for bout 2 hrs now. have you tried getting through to these people yet, its almost like they set it up to discourage contacting them.

And you wonder why people climb towers....what a cluster fuck.

I finally got through and it is all taken care of  and should be good to go in 5-7 day, so I called the first lady back and give her a VM  reply.

I looked for what i thought was 1 remaining pack of smokes and OMG, no smokes!!!!

I went over to the neighbors and asked if he can cross,  cause he had gotten a few smokes off me and he is crossable and down to the border we went, got 2 cartons of smokes for 16 bucks, comes out to 8 and carton, better than 8 a pack here, and yes, you can get name brand if thats what floats your boat.

I was going to drive up to see him today, would have, but dam, I am tired as hell right now and a 2 plus hour drive is a little more than I could handle right now.  All Of this and I still got JJ hrough his classes. I just now turned on the TV, havent had that on for a couple of days, had no time to watch anything. I get through the day and crash with the chickens, like when the sun goes down, so do I. Watching me some "swamp people" I like that show, no account for my taste though, best thing is aint gonna find no gators in the desert......

I think I am going to faceplant for  bit, so later!


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