"a shit talking lil puddle slut" I tell ya, the names people call each other.  I couldnt help it, but when I saw this one, I had to sit down and laugh, literally LOL. 

This one was written in an interview over some slight, AND put right into the article verbatim in the little newpaper they have here.

And you wonder why people kill each other  here. If someone wouldve called me that, I wouldve died of  laughter. Must mean something big and bad in this culture I have found myself in. The only thing lacking here ARE PUDDLES...this is the desert. When you get 100+ degrees with single digit humidity, aint no dam puddle going to survive that.

I am sorry if this offends anyone, but when ya get old, some things that are not funny to anyone else are in fact hilarious.

Take for instance, " I stepped on a goats head and hopped all the way from the mail box to the  fence...." Now, unless you have ever done just that, you got some gosh awful mental picture of some poor goat getting stomped on. A goats head is the desert version of sandburs, only much smaller, you dont see them, they have hooks on the end of their stabbers and they hurt like hell. You would think you have some big ol flaming dagger hanging out of your foot and its a teeny tiny, not much begger than a pebble POS and you are frozen where you stand, hanging on to what ever is there to avoid embedding it  deeper. The hubby actually came out to see what I was doing and bout stood on his head trying to find it and when he pulled it out, I swear you could hear an audible pop!

It is hot out there, gonna stay in the house where I belong. One learns real fast why the siesta then fiesta.




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Comments (3)

  1. Bettymom

    Ouch! Definitely not a good time!

    June 18, 2017
  2. elmo194855

    Ah, the joys of desert living, huh?? Single-digit humidity – that’s a new one to me. I think the lowest I’ve ever seen in Ohio was in the low 50s. There’s always something, wherever you live. Then there’s always THIS: http://channel23news.com/2017/06/biggest-spiders-ever-found-turn-up-in-middletown-ohio/. How am I supposed to sleep now??

    June 20, 2017
    1. 4lorac

      I saw that, also that it was a prank(got teenage grandsons remember)it was 105 today, 107 the other day, gonna be like that for a bit more until the monsoons come, yup, I said monsoons. We are almost a mile in elevation, to, well, I dont know. I do know it rushes off the montains and makes a mess of things, some beautiful lightening shows. i got the swamp cooler going, so I am good, got it cooled down to bout 76 or so, feels good compared to the outside.it blows water kooled air into the house, instead of pulling humidity out..same diff, only in reverse.I have managed to keep terry out of the hosp for 3 weeks now…h is still sick as hell, no improvement as liver failure doesntturn around, but atleast they put him on adequate meds to help remove the ammonia, and a med, I thin is call xyfaxin(cost almost 2300 a month) that is to stop the ammonia from breaching the blood/brain barrier) god, its expensive to be sick. I am doing ok, just feeling worn out most of the time. I think its the depression or something..being a caretaker takes a lot out of you. his mom is being a whole lot nicer to him, and I guess him too. She told me she couldnt understand why I have stayed with him so long…….like where the hell would I go? I am out there, just have my chat off,i dont like to talk all the time, well to those that wanna babble, I left that behind, anyone that wants to get ahold of me knows how anyway..and you my dear are always welcome…..it 830 here so I know it 1030 there…… miss you and sending hugs

      June 23, 2017