Saturday do-da's

The mister is being very contrary. I think it is because they dont tell him what they are doing. They brought a nephrologist into the mix, he is running his own battery of tests and not explaining what he is doing. They are doing levels on him to see what his body is tolerating so they can hit a balance for him. He started out calling me at 530 this orning..I heard the phone, but couldnt come up far enough to answer it....

I was finally able to talk to his nurse, and let her know that this grumpy SOB is not Terry, he is usually fairly soft spoken. Dont get me wrong, he has his moments. They were limiting him to 26 ounces of liquid a day, this is on top of the IV fluids, they are watching his input/output levels, the metaboism levels, and all the other shit they measure and just didnt explain it all to him. I was able to tell her to just talk to him, explain exactly what they are doing. He has a bunchof wild theories that normally wouldnt bother him, he is worried about politics, getting his meds, shit he shouldve worried about years ago and waited until life got critical.

I keep telling myself it isnt terry, its the illness, but sometimes, Dam, i get resentful. He doesnt even realize just how many people are involved in this with him. He wants me topack the house and move up to phoenix, ya, by myself I am going to do this (I dont think so) When things arent so up in the air, maybe then, but now, much as I dislike this friggin Burg, the thought of moving has me tied up in knots.

I walked over to the laundrymat today...we had 10 days of 90 degree temps and JJ's blanket was odiferous..13 yr old sweat......ewwww.

tonight when I go to bed, I am turning off the phone, no late night or early morning calls. He just called and dam he sounds like he talking with a mouth full of socks, slurring his speech. that scares me when he gets like that.

well gnite all, and I will be back tomorrow 

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Comments (2)

  1. Nightbane

    His …you use the word team here, I think… that lot treating him really should comprehend the patient is agitated when left out of the loop because his mind will try to provide answers, even ludicrous ones. Mustn’t agitate the patient!
    Please forgive my ignorance, has he got kidney trouble directly or is it part of another condition?

    March 26, 2017
  2. 4lorac

    he has had hep c for years, it progressed to cirrhosis of the liver (non alcohol) and quite frankly they are talking liver failure, now the kidneys……when they say 1 in 30 boomers have hep c and dont know it. He says he feels like their own personal lab rat. For years, it didnt bother him, atleast where you could pin it on the hep c…various aches and pains,,,its when the horrendous edema started that he got worried, and his thought processes and judgement became questionable….

    March 26, 2017