Due to the Holidays, I havent been able to get back up there, but I have been chatting with him on fb messager. he said they finally weighed him and he is now at 380. How much bigger is he going to get b4 he pops, or his heart just stops. he says he is peeing, but not enough and where the hell is all this fluid coming from. 

There isnt a jelly bean to be had in this town, either they dont have them or stock them, but do you think I could find a beaner???? Maybe they all went over the border! 

I have been in the house pretty much all of the time,(except for going to get a gal of milk for jj) I get real tired and go to sleep at 10 and wake up before 3 and sit here and have a smoke or 3 till I am ready to sleep again. I  bumble around listening to the night sounds, just being quiet. You  would be surprised how many idiots of the night wander around. I sit in the dark so I am not making myself a target(I dont know how many people know I am alone in here) I have my fences padlocked same  with my gate, the doors and I got 3 chihuahuas that go off if anything or anyone goes past the house, or near it. 

I have been hiding and I know it, but there is nothing els for me to do.



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