still here folks, aint going anywhere

Has anything changed, not really.He woke up, but he isnt all there. I drove up to see him yesterday, its a 2.5 hr drive each way,  took a neighbor that is familiar with the drive so I could learn it,(tuscon is scary) I was using my navigator on the phone. We got there ok. I told the neighbor to just watch, that he is almost childlike in his though pprocesses. He had been given a New Testement by someone at the Hospital and he was in the process of hilighting passages for JJ so he would know how to read it. He was also telling the neighbor how he talked to "Dameon" about adopting him because he didnt want to die without a son.

He knows he is on the final road, he isnt ready to give up yet though.

I still havent found the ambition to do a whole lot here, I cleaned up the path of destruction, broken glass, lamps, etc..but not much more. Today I am going to take a me day and go and do the laundry as we are out of underwear. Most of the time I just sit here and rock back and forth like some dummy, empty mind, hearing nothing unless the phone rings, and even then I screen it or just let it ring.

I know..I know, sometime here I am going to have to get my head out of my ass, stand tall and be brave and all of that, but for right now, I am just floating, just trying to keep taking that next breath. keep putting one foot in front of the other.

I have been writing and writing emails to whom evers email I can find re the truck..I am not araid of people in politics, or much anyone else, they put their pants on the same way I do, they still have to wipe their own asses..somewhere, someone is going to listen.

I make enough waves and they are either going to cave in or have men in black knock on my door..either way, I will know someone heard.

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Comments (3)

  1. dincali


    April 26, 2017
  2. elmo194855

    Do what you gotta do, lovey, to get through all this. Please keep us informed. Hugs and prayers coming at you.

    April 27, 2017