Still maintaining

Other half is still in the is a whole lot worse than we all thought or knew, throw in kidneys that are trying to have issues, along with the liver failure. I have been told he will probably go into a SNF when they release him. His care level is going to require a whole lot more than I am capable of right now, and fairly intense. I am going to persevere and search out how to get such training so I know how to take care of him. I just talked to him, and it was the first time in over 2 weeks that he sounded almost normal. 

His mother actually came to see him. I think that was a big aid to him to actually have someone in his family show up finally. Especially with me not there, that way they could focus on him and not keep looking over their shoulder at me.

I went to the DR finally, but only cause I had to get refills on the diabetic meds. She put me on anti depressants, told me not to just quit them, but only gave me a month fill. I dont mind telling ya that I dont like having to take these things, I dont like being tired all the time. Shit, I sit down, lay my head back for more than a minute and I fall asleep..who knows maybe I needed it. I havent had an uncontrollable crying jag for 3 days now....I was to the point I felt completely isolated and hurt and angry...all at the same time, it took nothing to reduce me to tears.

I took a nap this afternoon, and it isnt even 10, and I feel like I could go to bed and fall right back I think I will...later.


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  1. elmo194855

    Sleep when your body tells you to. You’re exhausted, lovey. Praying …

    March 25, 2017