sunday nondaay

In this ongoing saga on 16th street, it never stops does it. I have done some investigating of my own and have uncovered afew nasties, but have to sit on them. The people periphally speaking are starting to turn on each other and fingers are being pointed. (but not in my direction)

Hubbys health is in Gods hands, I had to give it over to him as he is the Ultimate Judge in all of this. I have done a whole lot of research and his medical issues are pretty much end stage unless a miracle happens. So much has happened to him, most of which is not so good. How one person can live through all of this is beyond me. I wouldve given up a long time ago. There is only so much the human body can tolerate before it just gets too tired to fight anynmore.

Way back in early Feb. when it all got bad and the hospitalzations began, and I got into a pissing contest with the chief of Police here, I had begun my "quest" to get the word out there, to question the whos hows and whys. Not feeling satisfied...with the answers I was being given i reached out to the State Rep of this here litttle state and low and behold, yesterday I got an answer, abiet it was dated Feb 21, why did it take 2 monthes to get to me? Where in the hell was it sittting all this time? These are questions I am going to ask tomorrow.  Cant do anything on the weekend.

Why is that do you suppose, you get a piece of the puzzle and cant put it together until "normal business hours"

Hubby is being transported to the nearby town,so he will be a little closer than the 2 hrs away he is now.





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  1. elmo194855

    Oh, gosh, things have come down hard on you and yours since your move to AZ. I hope you’re finding some comfort and peace of mind somewhere or somehow. In any case, don’t forget to take care of you. You don’t have to be strong every single minute. You’re allowed to cry and scream and kick and yell when you need to. And don’t forget to unload on me when you need to, too. Love you and sending virtual hugs

    April 10, 2017