the hurrieder I go, the behinder I get

I am amazed right now. I got up before everyone else and am just sitting here thinking about the past few monthes. There were days when I thought for sure I was going to be alone. T was/is just that sick, but he is here, and is on his 3rd day home so far. His discharge was a fight, they were going to try and cut him loose from straight IV level to the fist full of pills and I refused the discharge. After going through the same thing, what, now atleast 4 time and having him do a turn around and end up back in the ER within 24-36 hr..I was exhausted and angry and ready to take any ones head off. I told them they could do the pill form transition there, and if they were successful, then I would consider. They had set up a SNF for him, and that fell through because of the necessity of IV meds, and with diruetics at the level he has to take them, requires constant cardiac monitoring. I guess it was too much for them.

What they did was discharge him set up transportation and call me 1/2 hour after he was on the road. Could I have gone to get him,yes. did they want me there, I don't think so...

I made his follow up appt with his PCP and that is in about an hour. This is the first time he will have been here to go to it in 3 monthes. Every other time he has  crashed and readmitted....


Doctors and their "God Status" dont exist for me anymore, and havent for a very long time. I remember when my mom was alive and she was having paralysis issues, she was a heart patient and when I walked in her room while he was going to talk to her, he had her chart upside down, was talking about doing an MRI and I asked him if he understood she had staples in her head, she had gone through an anyuerism in the 80's...all he could do was mumble and back out of the room....I don't think he quite knew what to do and got his ass caught before he could screw up and knew it.

As a result, I question everything. If I dont understand IT, cant find IT on the internet, I go after them and make them break it down into layman terms so everyone is clear on the whys and whats.

His state worker came over yesterday to see him for herself and told us his lawyer was going to have him declared "medically incompetent" that kind of made my skin crawl, but it is going to open a whole lot of doors that would have otherwise been closed to him. Legal status that he is not able to make any judgement on his own behalf. I questioned him on this in her presence to make absolutely sure he understood what he was giving up. I had to do this for my own piece of mind. Just having her here and witnessing this, and his comprehension, helped  me to do this to satisfy my own concerns.
 He doesnt remember a whole lot of the last4 monthes, only that he keeps waking up in the hospital and how did he get there. i told you, when he goes south, go goes fast and hard and nothing can stop it until it goes critical

We went to the Dr appt, he has to finally see  a liver specialist, bout effing time, and a kidney specialist. The liver doc is in phoenix, the kidney specialist is in sierra vista, so a whole lot of traveling coming up. 


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  1. dincali

    oh wow
    an infinity of ’s

    May 19, 2017
  2. Bettymom


    May 20, 2017
  3. elmo194855

    You’re more or less still working full time, aren’t ya? It’s a blessing you’re available for all this stuff!

    May 22, 2017