things that make go HMMMM!

Have you ever noticed that if you start dealing with something chronic or serious, others come out of the woodwork with similar diagnosis's or Doctors suggestions to go and have something checked. I bet in the last couple of weeks I have spoke with atleast 3 people that have been told by their ?Dr that they either have a fatty liver, but recieved no followup or direction and the Dr in this area are saying they dont know what is going on. One girl, has a partner that had been dianosed with such and he is already going through the behavioral changes, she was telling me how he is always on her wanting to know here where abouts and who she is with and what she is doing. She is a SW for gods sake, and deals with a lot of people and she is ready to leave. I gave her the timetable on what is happening with T and what has happened, most of it she knew, cause well, she is JJ's coordinator. But when something like this is under your own roof it changes the playing field, and it is really difficult to deal with emotionally, not to mention, time consuming. It literally takes ALL of your focus to keep the person on track and happy without letting them know just how serious they are. I told her to talk to her otherhalfs Dr, get a blood panel on his ammonia levels and get the liver specialist involved. Another one is  a young mother of 4 that was told by her Dr that she has a fatty liver, but never said she blew it off, no directions, dietary changes, who to see, nothing. So I asked her if she wanted to end up like my husband. People, a fatty liver is the first warning, cirrohosis is the end stage  where shit goes south real fast. Their reasons behind this, I think are more environmental. Outside of this litle town there was  Copper mine, and with that a smelter....can you spell emmense levels of sulpher and lead. (and god knows what else) To the  point that grass wont grow here, that there is a whole lot of cancers, birth defects...etc? And why doesnt anyone put this together.....

The first one is going to talk to her other halfs Dr. and the young mother is going to call her DR. better safe than sorry. If this helps them, well, it was worth it to be able to share. I think I am going to do me a little research


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  1. elmo194855

    You’re quite the detective these days, huh?? A Renaissance woman, as it were! Love ya, girly!

    May 22, 2017