They got him up there by about 7pm, what the hell took so long, did they stop for a burger and fries? It turns out Dameon was on his way down the Mountain when terry flewpast him in the ambulance and he told me before I told him where T ws that when the ambulnce went by him he got a cold rush, looked in the rear view and said god I hope that aint Pops. Spooky isnt it. He got here and laid down on the couch and within an hour couldnt get back up. He is the one with the kidney issue. and in the middle of a bad gout attack...to the point he couldnt put any weight on his leg and back over to the ER with him. They gave him some kind of super steroid shot,  a med-dose pack and pain mgmt and a set of crutches and home we went, I put him to bed and sat down finally and just sighed, wondering wtf!

I called TMC for an updte on t and was told by then they were working on him. I told them what was going on here and that I would follow the next day. they didnt want to let hi out as his labs were not coming back safe enough for them to release. I told them he had an appt with a liver specialist and he would be seeing her.

D and I packed up the next day, gassed the cars and off to Tuscon we went. They did release T with warnings his ammonia was still high at 170 and we just played it minute by minute. We made it to the specialist, went through whats happened repeatedly and she hiked the lactolose(med to bring the ammonia down) to 30ml 3X day as opposed to 15ml 2X a day, put out an order to get the files and is going to rewrite the entiremed list cause she didnt like what she was seeing. Now havent I been saying that for monthes?? Ever since they trippled his diuretic and tripled his lactolose he is down140 lbs (in less than 3 weeks) and we learned how to control the ammonias. she told us this is what they have been doing in the hosp, I asked her why they didnt tell US that and she looked at me like I was stupid. then told me this is how they kep their admission up...and that she was taking over, she would be treating terry in tuscon instead of phoenix(ty jesus)

any way, got  knock on he door so I willl be back later


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Comments (1)

  1. elmo194855

    Well, well, well … a doctor that will actually try to make T better! “First, do no harm.” That’s the first line of the Hippocratic oath that doctors swear to. You might want to consult an attorney! So glad he seems to be doing better.

    June 07, 2017