worthless in Douglas

We finally got him in and convinced to stay. He is so so so sick. he is more out of his mind than present. He is demanding, and angry. They tell me that is part of the illness andhaving his balances out of wack for so long. they dont know how much mental damage there is, or if he will pull out of it. the scrotal swelling(which by the way never went down) affects his ability to ambulate, it is so large that his willy disappeared within the fluid filled sacks....I know, not a pretty picture. but thats the way it is.

Who am I kidding, we isnt the right word, it was my sons that accomplished this, I havent been able to dooa dam thing except cry and hide and occassionally talk to him on the phone, knowing full well, if he is in attack mode, I will end the call, hoping it isnt the last time I hear from him,,,,

I feel I have failed him, unable to fix, care for, not knowing exactly what to do. All I do is hide and cry...........

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