I knew deep inside that he wasnt going to be able to maintain, the stubborn old shit. he was doing what he wanted, eating after I went to bed. And yes, I was monitering his intake, his salt, his liquids...

I wasnt starving him, but I was portioning his meals according to the Docs...I would like to see what goes on inside of his head, well maybe not, its probably a big assed snarl. 

Remember, I just got him out of the hospital on the 9th....

His behavior and judgement and comprehension was off base again, I could see it coming now that I knew what to look for. On thursday he went critical and ended up being med flighted out....scared the living hellout of me,and again, here I sit, with the kid, 4 dogs, molly and her kittens....and no car. This time they pulled 3 liters outof his abdomen. they have doubled up onhis diuretics...he is beginning to get a little better...a little.

 I talked to son up in phoenix, and he told me that he isnt very mobile and chills easily. So we will work on that. I am going to have to call his Primary on Monday and advise her of the course of treatments we have been going through and see what she needs to do from this end.

Never a dull moment huh

Some times its really a FML kind of thing.....

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Comments (2)

  1. 4lorac

    I AM trying to be positive about this, it has a whole lot of layers to work through and is very exhausting. Mostly I have to figure out how to be a Nurse Ratchet/loving wife all at the same time.

    February 26, 2017
  2. Bettymom

    Yes, you do – learn to walk a tight rope, woman!

    February 26, 2017